Black History Month 2019 Fashion Meets Art Collaboration

Black History Month 2019 Subtle-Tee's T-shirts


Black History Month 2019 Fashion Meets Art Collaboration

SUBTLE-TEE’s and Black-Patents Form Fashion Pack

February  2019, Los Angeles

In honor of Black History Month 2019 #BlackHistoryMonth, is proud to announce an exclusive and limited edition offer of black-art-on-black-t-shirts designed by Subtle-Tee’s Apparel.  Subtle-Tee’s is the new sophisticated, fashion-forward and 2019 trending t-shirt line which features art designs in black ink and printed on black, cotton-blend stylish unisex and women short sleeve shirts.

Lead designer, Mark Hill, says, “T-shirts, in general, are go-to items for relaxed to dressy occasions. The uniqueness of Subtle-Tee’s is they only come in black, are great conversation pieces, blend nicely and are highly acceptable when wearing a blank t-shirt is appropriate.”  Subtle-Tee's Apparel mission is to offer friendly appropriate apparel designs which are appealing close-up and don’t make you feel like a walking advertisement. was inspired to collaborate with Subtle-Tees because they believe art and fashion go hand-in-hand. Black-Patents curator, Queen-Ann King says, “It was effectively a no-brainer to connect with a fashion movement that is appealing to all ages, from 8 to 80. 

About is dedicated to black & inventions and is the only website to offer 65 digitally re-mastered wall art of awesome black inventions and patents.

About Subtle-Tees
Subtle is a new sophisticated, fashion-forward t-shirt company offering a unique twist to t-shirt fashion with its black-ink designs embellished on a black t-shirt. 

For more information, contact Queen-Ann King at 818-538-6428 or

Visit: for wall-art offerings of black inventors, patents, and Subtle-tee’s t-shirts.

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